Buo Lai

Bua Loi

Day 4

I was intrigued by a long queue at a dessert stall. “That stall must be selling something good”, I told my cousin.  I quickly joined the queue. I asked a guy in front of me who seemed friendly what we were queuing for. I made him wrote it down on my small notebook so that I would not forget or mispronounce it. The FROYO paper cup perplexed me. Neither it looked nor tasted like a FROYO (frozen yogurt).  It was Buo Lai, glutinous-rice flour balls in coconut cream. Yum! Where are the rice balls, you ask? I got too excited and ate them all ;). When I’m hungry, everything else in this world is nonexistence to me.

— at Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, 04.01.2015

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