Last Monday, Bam came over to my house to deliver pasta and meatballs that he cooked for my birthday. It’s become our ritual to cook for each other on our birthdays. But, we had it early this year as he would be busy with college and won’t be back to Setapak for a while. He could not cook at his rent house. The kitchen was not furnished.

He came over with his cousin and his cousin’s wife, around noon. Mom invited them in. They were unprepared. It’s shown all over their faces that they were nervous. He was nervous; but gladly accepted the invitation.

He dressed casually: jeans and a blue t-shirt. Wasn’t impressed by the choice of clothes he was wearing. But it’s understandable since the meeting was impromptu.

As they sat themselves on the couch, I went to the kitchen to make some drinks. I had prepared four glasses, although I did not know before that he would come with his cousin’s wife. After I poured the drinks into their glasses, I quickly excused myself to the kitchen and let mom and them talked. I was nervous.

The meeting went well. The conversation drifted for one hour. Mostly about cats. Funny how cats made the conversation going. Mom was not a natural conversationalist. So I was afraid the meeting would be filled with awkward pauses. His cousin and his wife were quite a chatty, so the atmosphere was pretty enjoying.

We packed some food for them to bring home. Mom did not say anything when they left the house. I guess, the meeting went well and mom likes him.

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