It is the first day of the month. Exactly 37 minutes into my favourite month of all.

    I have been thinking a lot on what I want to do; on what I love doing, what I am good at. Like, today I feel like I should do A; then on the next day I will feel like I am supposed to do B, and the cycle continues.

    I have trouble to figure out what am I good at. It seems like I can do many things but not necessarily very good at any of it. But I am pretty sure of this: I can’t really sing.

    Sometimes I wonder, how they figured out that they should be doing what they were doing. I guess sometimes you just need to jump off the cliff, and trust your gut that somehow you will fly. Or, you might just dive straight to the ground and be crushed from the impact.

    Despite what people have been telling you–dare to dream–be a dreamer and so on, one thing that I learnt so far is that you can dream as many dreams as you would like to, but they will all remain as your dreams, if you don’t do something about them.

    I think the problem is not about being afraid to have a dream. It is the lack of courage to pursue those dreams and let them materialize, which have let a dream to be just a dream. A dream you wished it will become a reality, but you were just too scared to go for it.

    Be a dreamer, and you will end up be a dreamer.

    Maybe that dream is not big enough. Maybe it is not that strong to ignite you, to push you off the cliff and believe that you will somehow fly.

    Maybe you are being too complacent to where you are now. And yet you still believe that you are destined for something bigger. I wonder where to find the push that we all need.

    Be a dreamer who does. Be a dreamer who dreams–who believes that she has the capacity to make it happen. Don’t just be Miss Daisy Dreamer, who sits under the tree dreaming of her dreams all day and asks God before she sleeps why they all haven’t come true.

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